Keep your flower bouquets longer

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A bouquet with beautiful colors and exquisite perfumes is always a real ornament for the interior of a house. However, the cut flowers that will be put in a vase are still living organisms and for their good preservation for as long as possible, the necessary care is needed. In fact, there are little secrets that can help you keep your flowers thriving and enjoy them for longer, until they fatally lose their vitality and gradually wither. So what should you look out for when unwrapping the bouquet you just bought or sent as a gift and before placing the beautiful flowers in your space?

For a start, it’s particularly important where the flowers go. Needless to say, the container should be clean, which is easily achieved by using simple kitchen cleaners that contain bleach or other similar products. The water should have a normal room temperature and should also be as clean and less acidic as possible with a low mineral content, as “soft” water is more easily absorbed by plants. For example, if you have a deionizer, it would be good to use it. Another thing we are interested in is to keep the water as free as possible from the bacteria and fungi that grow at the intersections of the flowers and hinder their nutrition and growth. There are several simple tricks you can do to create the perfect conditions for vase water using everyday materials.

  1. Adding a teaspoon of baking soda to the jar water, or adding about 60ml of baking soda, will keep your flowers longer.
  2. By adding a mixture of 2 teaspoons ofsugar with 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar or white vinegar, you contribute both to the nutrition of the plant and to the protection from unwanted microorganisms. You can alternatively add only sugar or half a teaspoon of honey. Do not forget to change the water (along with the rest) every 2-3 days.
  3. Put a copper coin in the water. Copper helps fight bacteria and in combination with a sugar cube, you achieve both protection and nutrition.
  4. Freshly cut flowers can be preserved longer if you add 3 drops of bleach to 1 liter of water (it fights bacteria). You can also add 1 teaspoon of sugar to the mixture. For similar results (especially in roses) there is a guaranteed recipe to dissolve an aspirin in water before putting the flowers in the vase. The water mixture here is changed every few days.
  5. Another alternative way to protect the plant from harmful microorganisms and at the same time nourish it is to add a few drops of vodka (or some other “pure” alcohol) and a little sugar. Here you change the water with vodka and sugar every day.

So after you have prepared your pot with its water, before placing the flowers do not forget to cut them carefully with a side cut (45 degrees) on their edge with a sharp knife or scissors. With this method of cutting you maximize the surface from which the plant will start feeding. Also remove any damaged leaves (if any) or petals from the flower (roses only).

The flowers should be placed in the water as soon as you cut them, as in addition to the fact that we want to prevent air from entering the vessels of the stem that will create problems with water consumption, the procedures to fight “injury” to the shoot begin immediately. block the esophageal bundles. From there, with each change of water, cut the stem again to about one centimeter to rejuvenate the cells.

It is good to immerse the flowers in water so that their stems are about 3/4 in it. If you do not have the appropriate vase in height and the flowers are longer, then you can cut them to the appropriate height, always with a side cut.

Remove any leaves that have fallen into the water of the jar because their presence favors the growth of unwanted microorganisms.

Avoid extreme temperature values ​​as much as possible. The heat will accelerate the wilting of the flowers, so it is best to keep your bouquet away from direct exposure to sunlight or other heat sources, such as. radiator. Ideal conditions are a cool room temperature.

With these simple tips we guarantee that you will keep your flowers healthier and fresher for a longer period of time, to enjoy them with the people you love!