10 tips for caring for flowers and plants

Αποστολή Λουλουδιών στην Δράμα, Ανθοπωλεία Δράμα

In this article I will mention 10 little secrets that will help you take better and easier care of your flowers and plants.

  1. They brought you a beautiful bouquet of flowers as a gift and you want to keep it as long as you can? Change the water in the vase every other day at least and cut the stalk of the flowers by about 5 cm each time. Do not use scissors, but a sharp knife, cutting sideways or straight. At the same time, remove all the leaves that will be in the water so that they do not rot and smell.
  2. Want to transplant cacti but were afraid to be pierced by sharp thorns? Fold along a sheet of newspaper several times to create a strip and grab with this plant so you can handle it without piercing.
  3. Did you find that your pots are occupied by snails? Smear the cornice of the pot with Vaseline. Snails will not approach your plants again.
  4. Your copper pots can be made like new if you rub the blackened utensil with half a lemon cup.
  5. If you have an aquarium in your home you can save the water with which you rinse the sponge and throw it on your plants. It is the best and most ecological fertilizer and your plants will shine with health.
  6. If you have a problem with meligres, spray your plants with a solution of soap and water for dishes in a ratio of 1:10. If you do not want to use this solution, ask an agronomist where you can find ladybugs. Ladybugs are the natural enemy of meligra!
  7. Remove dead and damaged flowers and leaves from your plants to keep them in good condition and to encourage the growth of new shoots.
  8. In your compositions always plant plants that belong to the same family and have similar growth to match each other and not overlap each other.
  9. You can create your own flower arrangements from your garden and give them to our friends on the occasion of holidays and birthdays. Get the special sponge they use in florists and create your own beautiful baskets. Let the friends you choose to give them often water the sponge with a little water.
  10. The pebbles you collected from the beach can be an excellent drainage medium if you put some in the bottom of the pot. You can also put them on the ground to help the plants maintain a good moisture level.